Klerb is launching a book meetup app

IRL clubs and events around your books. Smart, relevant conversations.

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How it works

Hey! We're launching Klerb, a social app for readers. You use it to meet people in your radius through book themed events and discussions.
Other reading apps recommend books based on your simliarity to other people. We recommend people to meet based on the similarity of their bookshelf.
There are a ton of activities for meeting people through sports. We're building that for reading.

We create events

We use your reading activity to create events. We find clusters of people in the same area who have similar reading overall, or who just finished the same book, and make an event themed around their common interests. If the details work out, the meetup happens. If you like the group, you can turn it into a book club.


We know you care a lot about who you see on the app and who can see you. Klerb has a standard set of gender filtering and user blocking tools, and we're iterating on these decisions as more users come through the system. Reach out at feedback@klerb.chat if you have questions.


We're in early beta! We're using Warmstart to onboard a bunch of users to kick the tires. Help us test! Get in early! Tell your friends! Send us thoughts at feedback@klerb.chat.